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     Individuality is a process event, modulating and re-modulating, integrating and dis-integrating, creating, sustaining, and dissolving in the whole universal process.   The cosmos learns about itself and evolves in this way.   It takes a little time but there is lots of time available.  An individual is like an extended probe, receiving information, processing information, and transmitting information; this makes up the evolutionary process.    Every individual is a systemic vehicle, an information packet, containing all information, some usable in its particular scale and some remaining in potentia until activated by pattern integration.   All diverse phenomena and beings are basically mechanical and operate through habit energies in one aspect; in another aspect, all are open and susceptible to transformation, morphation, and progress in a dynamic process-matrix.   Phenomena and beings are changed primarily by thought processes. Individual minds are universal mind inherently and can make pattern changes in the systemic matrix.  The world of human beings is a pattern, mechanical in one respect, and yet in another way dynamically changeable.   Living beings like man are at a point in manifested evolution where, through creative thought, new and better patterns can quickly evolve and be released from weakening and dis-integrating formats of old patterns.


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mind and information

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