universal mind

mind and manas


      Man has reached a level of progress called “mind”. “Man” is philologically descended from the Sanskrit term “Manas”, which means “mind”.    Man is a mental being with sentience.   His senses receive information and the mind processes the information.   The mind of man, as well as of all sentient beings, is the same in nature and operation and essence as the universal mind.  Man is consciously, or unconsciously, this sameness, either in part or in perfection, according to the proportion or degree to which he is individually able to know and act in accord with the plan pattern in the universal mind. The universal mind is all-containing, all-inclusive and absolute in itself and is the source of all the manifested worlds of the matrix of the cosmos.   We live in it.   Matter is condensed and solidified in its many degrees within the universal mind and the worlds come into existence therein.  Each potency within universal mind becomes active at the appropriate time.  Some individual minds get knowledge of themselves and their relation to their parent, the universal mind; other minds remain in ignorance.


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