evolution through dissolution

evolution through dissolution


     Systemic unit aggregations or clusters create waves or energy fields which project design into other systemic hierarchical structures and this then produces multitudes of seamless extensions of abstract pattern signature and design which eventually form yet other opportunities for creative extension and efficiency.   When some patterns are less efficient or fall out of harmony or symmetry with other evolving and co-operating systemic patterns, a dissolution and dis-integration of these patterns eventuates which allows the freed energies to recapitulate and enter other structures of polaric equations and mathematically harmonious geometries which then further differentiate and re-integrate into ever more efficient and reliable symmetries.  Some systemic structures become continuities of asymmetrical geometries and ratios of energy products and functions and begin a process of decline to eventually dis-integrate and remorph into proximate fields of more viable and reliable symmetries.   These are not chaotic or random events, but an ongoing re-integrational process proceeding from dis-integrating asymmetries. Asymmetrical systems and their energies are assimilated bit by bit into other more evolved pattern designs because a subjective pattern potentiality permeates all and everything.


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all and everything

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