holistic morphogenesis

holistic morphogenesis


    The entirety of the process of phenomenal manifestation is a transfigurative holistic morphing of forces, energies, and objects within one original and primordial unicity-identity.   Everything existing is not only related to every other thing, but actually is everything else in its noumenal subjective and supraphysical identity, from an infinite multitude of polaric units, a symmetry of form arrangements and patterns extends itself into a more and more complex structuring of holistic interdependent formulations of symmetry.  Each systemic set of formulations begins to interact with other related sets of co-dependent structures until subtle pattern relationships are self-created.   These subtle pattern events then become, once again, bases for the further complexity and efficiency of hierarchical systems until an immense compounding of pattern energies interact symmetrically and form coherent and sustainable systemically organized structures in space and in the flow of time.   Linear movements of the polar relationship complexities of units and systems amalgamate into matrix events which again self-organize into more complex scales of becoming — larger and more complex systemic units, all composed of fundamental polaric units.


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