rhythm resonance systems

immanent intelligence


    Manifestations of hierarchically graded ranks or arrangements of systems are totally relative; each is related to the other and refers or is dependent on the other; and all in existence is also relative to and with the mind of the observer of it.   Thus, patterned assembly-structures are interdependent, co-functional, and are interactive, manifesting again in multiple ranks or arrangements with more and more complexity and efficiency of integration of systems which then become again further bases for yet greater structure and order in structure.   All this becomes obvious to the enquiring observer and shows obvious intelligence and conscious awareness in local and non-local fields.   Whether perceived as local or distant (all is in relativity with the observing mind), all objective spatiotemporality is interiorly and immanently intelligent, an omnipresence penetrating all units and all of totality with a self-organizing dynamism, a repetitive rhythm of action, or resonance, influenced and reinforced by sympathetic proximity principles of an omnipresent immanence.


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immanent intelligence

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