Everything emerging into existence begins from a non-chaotic root source that is a subjective oneness, homogeneous in its being.    Everything that has ever existed, that exists now, or will in the future exist, is it.    Its first movement into objective manifestations is one of polarity, creating an active heterogeneity: these heterogeneities are fundamental, or ultimate, units, the most remote objective structures beyond which it is impossible to proceed in retrospection. Each of these units cannot be divided or destroyed and each is dual in its conditionality, yet containing in itself its own polar oppositional forces, both static and dynamic, while still remaining essentially as one with the primordial subjective immanency, the root source.     From these primal units are brought forth all the phenomena of forces, energies, and elemental materiality.   These units are dispersed and scattered infinitely and are the multiple manifestations of the unicity of the primordial root source, emerging from an inward stasis to an outward movement, each unit co-dependent and synchronous with all other units. Thus is the beginning of pattern fields in phenomenal objective causation, all being directed and influenced from within by a universal principle.


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