lower zone subservience


    Humankind has fallen to a lower order of being, a lower order of pattern structure which is composed of the thought forms related to animal nature mentalities.   This lower nature-level scale is a zone of obscured intelligence and discriminative filters that cover the developing spirit just as layers of an onion conceal its center.  Most humans have become subservient to the effects of this zone and have ceased to honorably seek and follow the primordial blueprint of life and truth. Blindly obedient to authoritarian doctrines and dogma which obscure the truth, the majority of people have willingly let themselves be spiritually neutered by growth-death at the intellectual level and by disconnected or dysfunctional bio-codes at the physical level.   Man-made environmental influences and conditioning have become extremely oppressive and everyone is born into them and gets entangled in them by seeking fulfillment and the escapes from unfulfillment, caught up in the social dramas of childish games and play-acting in psychotic illusions.  Enmeshed within the control structures of authoritarian manipulations and the devolutive thought-forms continually presented by the media outlets of the power-elite, the masses remain uninformed and deluded within their personality games and ego-manias. Both physical and metaphysical entities use individuals in their physical, vital, and mental being and thus produce such structures.  This knowledge was kept secret in past ages and partial knowledge of it has always erupted in bizarre superstitious beliefs.  The power-elite have always had a vested interest in destroying whoever might come forward to inform the masses with this knowledge and destroying the knowledge they had.


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