The knowledge cryptically preserved in mythical formats of past ages still represent things too subtle for most to understand with their constricted intelligence and undeveloped reasoning capacity. The tendencies and proclivities of an individual’s thought processes are being manipulated by other humans and groups who are also under a great degree of influence from others and from levels beyond what we think of as our world.    All influencing entities seek to lead mankind by persuasion, through promises and threats of reward and punishment into some circumstance.   The mind of man has in it a marvelous faculty of imagination, which is susceptible to either intelligent creation or ignorant destruction, and this faculty of imagination is what these beings and people all around us use against us, disguising their suggestions and projected imagery as good ideas and rational solutions to problems mostly created by them in the first place. Then the battles rage at the material physical level where the warfare is fought out between the conflicting desire forces of individual egos, group egos, and the collective egos of nation-states or other large in-groups.  The modus operandi of manipulative entities is the intentional covert suppression of the “voice” of conscience by maintaining the gullibility of the populace, sustaining the emotional stress status quo, harassment of the passions, manipulation of the imagination, and endless forms of spellbinding.  This is an encapsulation around a sovereign spirit built of the energies of disinformation, superstition, greed, and associated thought formats that promote and sustain distracted oblivion and passively obedient conformity. Experiments in animal behavior, producing situations that condition the waking mentality by forming impressions in the subconscious to produce behavioral conditioning, have proven conclusively that control through pleasure and pain, reward and punishment is a potent tactic.   Authoritarian groups will punish and sustain that status quo through further promises and threats. A level of unrest and turmoil is maintained and feelings of depression, insecurity, and anxiety are thereby also maintained. Inevitably, unknowing people pursue escapist tactics to get away from the pain; to get reward they conform. This is how the power is seized, maintained and increased over the masses.  But freedom and liberty are always lost and suppressed by this modus operandi of manipulation.


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