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     This field of presumed chaos must itself, in its potentiality, or in its latent possibilities of becoming, be imbued with, or have innate in its essential nature, a principle or law of systemic order, a symmetry in potentia that is prior to and exists throughout all coarse phenomenal material forms and events.   If, as some people passionately and vehemently insist, it is posited that all phenomena and events are created by a creator that is separate from the created universe, then a further postulate arises that this creator must have a different and unknown origin — and this puts our thinking into infinite regression where no possibility of a singular objective root cause can be found.  So if an objective creator being or principle is posited as a root cause — even for a hypothesis of chaos, then this cannot be a separate creator.    The only other option would be to think of this as a “creator-intelligence”, totally subjective and not objective, inherent and immanent in all that exists.  Using this perspective, it is easy to understand that everything is thus self-ordering according to an innate principle of intelligent pattern and assembly-structure of form and event, and that all are at once spontaneously dynamically integrated.


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posits and postulates

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