progressive passage


      There are stages through which the primordial root source involutes and evolutes itself into emanations of holographic field complexities, but at an early stage the basis for further morphogeneic processes is a sort of primal plasma organized from the previous field of presumed chaos.  Throughout the processes of integrative and adaptive evolutionary arcs there is a greater and greater systemic organization until a point is reached where disharmonious obstructions occur, then decline and disintegration sets in until re-patterning is accomplished and harmony, balance, and integration is restored. In the case of conditioned ignorance, superstition, and fear in the unevolving or devolving individuals, and the influences connected with promotion and sustaining of hive-mentality, mob thinking, party rule, and maniacal behavior through covert hypnotic induction, individuals will not be able to experience life beyond the limitations of localized relative consciousness. All individuals must progressively pass through an ordeal of transformation, or morphogenesis, without which they will eternally be as if mounted upon a wheel, forever revolving, captive within the circumstances dictated and sustained by broken bio-codes and aberrated mental patterns.  There are consequences of maintaining association with organized agendas operating to promote hive-mentality and manipulate groups and even nations in order to create and sustain the power structures that eventually lead the ignorant to their own demise.   Without the necessary understanding, each individual consigns himself to endless enslavement in the unwanted. Those whose focus is habitually caught in the lower order of corrupted pattern energies not only remain trapped therein but also feed these energies, giving them more power. This turns into a vicious retrogressive cycle.


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