reinforcement and compliance


     Most people live their lives submerged in their individual conditioned mentalities, minds operating habitually according to a larger group mind-set.   This is a group or collective influence usually referred to as a national or racial culture. People do not understand their conditioning, do not recognize its power to keep them encapsulated in ignorance, and generally they will deny their subservience to conditioning influences.  The masses have become nearly animalistic, constantly pursuing and grasping at pleasure and trying to escape from pain, continuously distracted from inquiring into vital life issues by entertainment of one sort or another. Unbeknownst to the majority of humankind, their behavior patterns, ethics, and morals, are structured for them and their compliance thereto is reinforced with promises and examples of reward or punishment.   The people can be easily persuaded or coerced to support paradigms and agendas designed by their authoritarian supervisors.   Small groups are subject to and influenced by their group leader. His leaders influence him, and thus all organizations, businesses, companies, agencies, governments, militaries, and societies are all being influenced in their organized structural patterns, whether on the physical, psychological, mental, or spiritual scales, by some superior authoritarian hierarchical power. Everything is automatically and robotically carried out according to hierarchical agendas and people plod through their daily tasks and chores according to their preassigned and pre-programmed duties.  The hierarchical elite control the activities of billions of people through ownership and operation of education, media, and communication that produces and distributes psychological suggestion, promoting the structuring and maintenance of thought processes and mental-sets of nearly everyone.


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