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Truth-A vision is absentia


    It has become possible to establish an influential and mighty worldwide economic and political power because of the tremendous advances in modern technology. This powerful plutocracy has inconspicuously (covertly) and ruthlessly (overtly) taken control over most of the collective human civilization and are the hidden ruling oligarchy that designs and promotes “programs” through which individuals are persuaded and “programmed” to believe that they must accept and conform to the status quo in order to get along, subsist, survive, and be “normal”.   An individual starts believing he is “normal” because he has become proficient in conforming with the status quo paradigm and fits in with the majority.   He has not yet understood that the majority of humankind are devolved and automated, encapsulated and trapped in lower zone subservience, victims of suppression and the deadening of conscience, operating with shrunken critical thinking capacities, and enmeshed in distracted oblivion created purposely by the iniquitous agencies who project the toxic and invasive influences of authority, belief, and obedience.    The common conformity and uniformity with “normal” society has become an artificially created adjustment toward mental illness. Seven billion people now live in a delusive dream of “normality”. This is a subhuman scale of devolution. Human beings in the wholeness and fullness of truth-vision would not permit themselves to become subservient to such an adjustment, realizing the real situation.   But the truth cannot be recognized through the mental filters of conditioned humanity that has been de-individualized, denied their diverse talents, and hypnotically persuaded to conform to a carbon-copy standardization, fixated in the bondage and limitations of mechanistic automatism due to the artificial structural adjustments created by perverse conditioning.


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