suggestive psychology

Suggestive Psychology


    Suggestive psychology is used to apply a part of an obvious truth to alter and manipulate perception and opinion so that hidden subversive agendas can be covertly promoted.  Suggestion can easily lead the gullible individual to anxiety, stress, and depression; further suggestion is persuasion that can then lead to attachment to that which the victim presumes may relieve his problems or symptoms of stress.  In this way, a psychological disorder is created in the xoi polloi masses of unvigilant people depending on their ignorance and delusion, keeping them blindly wasting their energy and time in trivial motivations and habitual activities.  Most people are thus willingly misled into a slavish prison of mental and emotional lockdown, trapped in repetitive cycles of conflict and turmoil, always seeking some sort of relief from their authoritarian guardians who offer the relief.  The ignorant masses have fallen into an attitude of non-vigilance, depending on mass-media and the dictates of authoritarian hierarchies to provide guardianship, but who are actually antagonistic toward anything or anyone that diverges from the model of confinement that they promote in order to protect hierarchical domination and control.   The masses generally do not know how or why the authoritarian influences promote hive-mentality and passive, obedient acceptance and conformity to the point of spiritual neutering, loss of real identity, and willing forfeiture of mental sovereignty.


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