systemic universe


    We live in an elaborately ordered and systemic universe.  It is generally true that the common presumption shared by most individuals about how things existed prior to any obviously systemic and orderly state of being was an unordered or non-systemic state of being.    Any systemic structure is a manifestation of evident and palpable clear proof of a complexity and efficiency of process that could only come about as a product of intelligence. Whether the complexity of ordered systemic structures is understood by man, or not understood, presumptions remain only presumptions. The complexity of function in combinations of ordered systems is found everywhere; the clotting of blood is so complex at the microscopic level that it nearly overwhelms the average intellect; the processes of photosynthesis occurring in a tree, with its systemic structures of roots, branches, leaves, fruit, and seeds is so highly complex and efficient that it too almost defies the capacity of the human intellect to comprehend; a galaxy, with its 500 billion sun systems is also a systemic structure, containing all its sub-structures like solar systems, planetary ecological systems, trees, bugs, human beings, and the blood which is in a structured complex process of clotting on the arm of a person who has just scratched himself.


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systemic universe

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