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the hypothesis of chaos


   Chaos, or unstructured form, the unordered condition of unformed matter which presumably existed before any ordered system in the universe, or even unstructured formlessness prior to form as we know it, is an unfounded, unproven, and inadequate hypothesis.   Yet, it is a common idea which, until lately, has served as a basis for the conjecture that formlessness eventually produces, from chaotic non-systemic conditions, materiality in both simple and complex formats.   According to what our best science now tells us, seemingly static subatomic units of mass somehow combine into orderly systemic forms and then somehow evolve into a dynamic universe with its many worlds, dimensions, and scalar quantities and magnitudes. Everything simultaneously arises in this dynamism which had its prior condition in a static mass or force not moving or progressing.   Nonetheless, somehow, all the dynamic movement in the universe, from miniscule subatomic to enormous supergalactic scales, exist in abundant profusion, and then, somehow, sustains ordered arrangements in its fluctuations of manifestations. From a presumed chaotic energy field appears an ordered and structured systemic universe.


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hypothesis of chaos

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